PTC is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high pressure technology systems. It is an historical leader in the construction and sale of waterblasting equipment (high pressure hydrodynamic units with electric or endothermic motor), subsequently the company diversified its business with a new division, called: Urban Clening.

The urban cleaning sector brings together a wide range of products including:

  • high pressure hot water washing;
  • machines;
  • autonomous vacuum units for recovery of sewage residues and dirty water;
  • combined suction units, which are equipped with a blocking and suction system.

One of the strengths of our company is customer orientation: our goal is to understand how a product can respond and adapt to its needs. On one hand we aim to offer solutions with high quality standards and on the other we want to ensure skills and services useful to meet their needs. This implies encouraging innovation and investing in technological research.

For this reason we have decided to internalize the production of two important components of our machines for urban and industrial cleaning.

Design and construction of high pressure components

Strengthened by the experience and skills acquired in the Urban Cleaning sector and with a trained and always avant-garde staff, we design, manufacture and install high-pressure pumps and high-pressure boilers for our machinery.

These components are 100% Made in Italy and are made with a high technological profile and the highest quality materials that guarantee high performance, reliability and efficiency.

The high pressure pumps are designed according to the most modern technologies both for the materials used and for the mechanical processing and heat treatments used.

They are able to guarantee very high performances and can be used for many applications:

  1. Moses: this compact sewer cleaning unit is equipped with the latest diesel engine in accordance with the latest anti-pollution directives, from 27.5 or 35.5 kW. A triplex high pressure HPP pump of our production is installed, which reaches up to 300 bar, with a high pressure hose length up to 120 meters.
    The pumps are installed in our sewer cleaning machines and other types of cleaning. There are several models that we can easily adapt to customer needs. High pressure boilers, on the other hand, have an anti-limescale and temperature regulation device, capable of reaching very high temperatures (up to steam). They allow flexible operation for various heating applications.

    PTC | Nuovo sistema con pannello di controllo PLC

    New system with PLC control panel

  2. Torpedo Compact: this compact urban cleaning unit is equipped with the latest 18.9 kW diesel engine in line with the latest anti-pollution directives. A high pressure boiler produced by our group is installed, which reaches up to 350 bar. With high pressure hose length of 20 meters. Thanks to the boiler and the high pressure pump, these machines are able to generate pressurized water at very high temperatures and up to steam, with the unique POWERSTEAM technology. In the videos on our YouTube channel we demonstrate the effectiveness in removing graffiti, chewing gum, cleaning facades and monuments. Moreover, thanks to the silent Diesel engine they are the ideal machines for urban cleaning.

The attention to detail combined with the high technology of the components, some of which are patented, place our products among the best performing in the reference sector.

Advantages of in-house production

Designing these components in-house means having complete control over the characteristics of the products made, monitoring the entire production process.

For our customers, this means a guarantee of constant and high quality commercial proposal offered.

Another advantage is the acquisition of more experience in our target market. Thanks to the high skills and technological know-how acquired by our technicians, we have extensive knowledge of the sector and can develop an increasingly innovative product in line with customer needs.

At PTC we focus on product excellence, but also on the direct relationship with the customer, ensuring a constant presence both nationally and internationally, customized solutions and excellent after-sales service.

The added value of the internal production of these two components is precisely the assistance and direct guarantee on the high pressure pumps and boilers installed in our machines.

With the use of the new PLC, we have the ability to carry out remote assistance on our machines with this arrangement, thanks to AUGMENTED REALITY.

PTC | Realtà aumentata

This new service at the head of our SERVICE manages to facilitate, economize and speed up assistance. SERVICE is a fundamental activity in our sector and PTC constantly invests to find easier and faster solutions for its customers.

The professionalism, timeliness and technical training of our customer care are a differentiating element from the international scene.

The PTC range of sewer cleaning units

All our equipment for sewer cleaning and cleaning units are equipped with high pressure pumps and boilers of our production, the PTC range is divided into 3 types:

  • Built-in units: installed on small, medium and large commercial vehicles;
  • Portable units: with electric or petrol engine
  • Trailer units: professional trailers approved for use on the road.

Combined suction unit and suction unit

Vortex is part of the range of autonomous suction units that are used for the recovery and transport of non-hazardous liquids, sewage residues, oils, etc.

They are solutions equipped with steel tanks in different sizes. These systems are moved with lifting hooks or forks.

Vortex Combi Cleaning is a suction unit equipped with a high pressure washing system with a stainless steel tank that has a capacity of 800 liters. The pump can reach up to 50 meters and is able to perform a double function:

  • Priming liquid residues;
  • Washing with high pressure jetting.