The Interclean in Amsterdam is the world’s leading tradeshow for cleaning and hygiene professionals, we certainly couldn’t miss it.  

The fair recorded an incredible public presence, and we presented our Powersteam range with enormous success and excellent feedback. 

Developed for professional washing of surfaces that require special attention, it takes advantage of the combination of high pressure and high temperature and it doesn’t need further use of chemical additives, avoiding damage to the surfaces.
This high pressure steam cleaning technique at around 150° C, with an adjustable pressure up to 220 bar, brings excellent cleaning results with minimum water and fuel consumption. 

An ideal application for cleaning: 

  • Monuments, squares and floors
  • Fragile facades
  • Removing chewingum and graffiti
  • Bridges and scaffolding
  • Oil, fats and resins
  • Algae and mosses
  • Air pollution
  • Vertical and horizontal signs
PTC a Interclean 2022
PTC a Interclean 2022
PTC a Interclean 2022