Project Description


  • Single axle trailer with rear lights and reflectors, automatic reverse gear, parking brakes, high load tyres, ABS and Mudguards

  • Towing eye for a 50 mm diam. sphere type

  • Water cooled Yanmar or Kohler (Tier III) diesel engine with electric starter

  • HPP pump model CLW or ELS with pulley and belt transmission

  • Manual high pressure hose reel max 100m of 1/2” hose

  • Manual hose reel with 35m of hose for refill

  • Front/Rear cover and water tank of 600l capacity in fiberglass

  • Manual pressure regulator by-pass valve, safety valve and pressure gauge

  • Manual 2-way ON / OFF valve for work operations

  • 50/60/80 m of ½ “or ¾” high pressure hose (not included)

  • Working light (not included)



UNI 45 / STORZ kit for water hydrant connection

Gun kit with different type of cleaning lances

Set of pipe unblocking nozzles

Sludge pump (Venturi) kit

100 kW-12 VDC auxiliary hot water mobile generator

European homologation Approved for road transport, up to 1.5 kg max GVW.


Whale Plus Pulse

Multifunction radio control and hydraulic winding hose reel