Project Description

CJ-1E | 12/110

  • Sturdy injection-moulded plastic casing

  • 4-pole motor (1400 rpm) well oversized and protected with paint

  • Comet LW-K type pump (3 integral ceramic pistons and brass pump head) with oil sight glass.

  • Self-priming pumps with EASY-START device

  • Handy lance and gun storage

  • Handle with supports for the power cable and delivery hose

  • Easy maintenance by simply removing the front casing

  • Big wheels (220 mm Ø) for easy movement up and down steps and over uneven ground

  • Pressure gauge

  • Built-in professional unloader valve

  • Delayed TotalStop

  • Pulse System

  • Rotary switch

  • Motor thermal protection

  • S/S manual hose reel with 30 m 1/4” HP hose

  • N. 2 1/4” F unblocking nozzles

  • Gun with washing lance



GC 251 gun with protection

Bent lance with detergent head

N. 2 1/4” F unblocking nozzles


LW-K 250 Comet Pump

Can be used vertically or orizzontally

Handy lance and gun storage