Project Description


  • Single axle trailer with rear lights and reflectors, automatic reverse gear, parking brakes, ABS and Mudguards

  • Towing eye for a 50 mm diam. sphere type

  • 2×200 l water tanks

  • Petrol engine Honda GX690 or Kohler diesel KDW 1003 with electric start.

  • TW Premium model Comet pump with reducer

  • Manual high pressure hose reel max 60 m of ½ ”hose

  • Manual hose reel with 35 m of hose for filling

  • Engine panel with ignition key, hour meter, engine alarms and manual accelerator

  • Manual pressure regulator by-pass valve, safety valve and pressure gauge

  • Manual 2-way ON / OFF valve for work operations

  • Rotating beacon and practical housings for lance

  • 50 / 60m of 3/8 “or ½” high pressure hose (not included)

  • Manual tilting hose guide (not included)

  • Working light (not included)



UNI 45 / STORZ kit for water hydrant connection

Gun kit with different type of cleaning lances

Set of pipe unblocking nozzles

Sludge pump (Venturi) kit

100 kW-12 VDC auxiliary hot water mobile generator

European homologation Approved for road transport, up to 1.5 kg max GVW


Whale Plus Pulse

Version with “PLUS”, manual tilting tube guide, high pressure tube and radio control