PTC1D Diesel Driven Water Jetting Systems       

PTC1D Diesel Driven Cold Water Jetting System

General Features (PTC 1 D & PTC 1 D HOT)

  • HPP EF - EFH - EFV - EV high pressure pumps
  • Hatz soundproofed 3-cylinder engine
  • Gearbox with elastic coupling
  • Industrial low-voltage (12V) power and control panel
  • Sturdy painted steel frame with anti-corrosion treatment and 4x anti-vibration feet
  • Safety switch with thermal magnetic relay for motor protection
  • Main switch, start/stop buttons, emergency stop
  • Hour counter
  • Direct water suction
  • Manual throttle control
PTC1D Diesel Driven Hot Water Jetting System

Heating System (Hot Water Units only)

  • Double vertical boiler 2x 80 kW with external body made in Stainless Steel
  • Anti-scale device with pump and tank
  • Electronic temperature setting system with constant water temperature
  • Flow switch controlled burner
  • Steam or hot water operation


  • 4x castor wheels with brake (not for Trailer Version)
  • Water tank + booster pump
  • Total protective and soundproofed paneling (not for Trailer Version)
  • Emergency stop cable + reel
  • TotalStop
  • Multi-operator configurations
PTC1D Diesel Driven Trailer Mounted Water Jetting System

General Features (Trailer)


PTC1D Performance
PTC1D / PTC1D HOT Brochure
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